December 1, 2018

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The Level 1 Recreational Run Leader course introduces how to lead a recreational run group under the guidance of a Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach or higher. In the course participants learn the fundamental skill of running and how to design the warm up and cool down components of a session. Topics include the introduction of running run training elements and how to successfully lead run groups. 

The Level 1 Recreational Run Leader course is certified by Athletics Australia and the Australian Sports Commission National Coach Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). All successful participants are eligible to be nationally accredited as a Level 1 Recreational Run Leader. 

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Date: Saturday 16th of March 2019

Time: 8:30am-4:45pm 

Location: QSAC, Nathan 

Cost: $189.00 per person

Registration Deadline: 9am Tuesday 12th of March 2019

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