Author: Jafeth | July 16, 2018

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Katie Dall is an experienced personal trainer at Activate Personal Training and also has a passion for trail running. She competed at the Yarrabilba Trail Fest last weekend over the 22.5km event and is currently training for future Qrun events. Today, we spoke with Katie about her experience as a trail runner and personal trainer and what some of her goals are for the future.


What was your favourite part about competing in the Yarrabilba Trail Fest?

Definitely the friendly and fun atmosphere at the start and finish line, and out on course.  Matt and Chris from Those Guys Events really know how to put on a well run event with lots of humour thrown in! Its amazing how quickly the time goes when you’re making friends out on course. There aren’t many running events that you can get to know people whilst racing!


How challenging was the 22.5km course and what advice do you have for other runners about to compete in a long trail race?

I found it quite technical in parts, as I’m not used to running on sandstone rocks and navigating loose surface over rocks!  The soft sand near the start and finish line was unexpected too, and really tests the legs. My advice for those new to trail running, is to resist going out too hard.  Walking the hills is also nothing frowned upon, and will help you conserve energy for the rest of the race.  I like to shuffle up the hills, but only because I’m a vertically challenged runner and find that it works best for me instead of walking! Definitely practice running similar terrain as the course you will racing too, as that can really catch you out and slow you down! Joining a trail running group that runs training sessions focussing on different techniques is highly valuable too.  I train with the Trail Co Trailiens, and have found it very beneficial to develop single track technique and downhill speed on the trails.


What about trail running attracts you the most?

Definitely getting out in nature with good friends.  After being in the hustle and bustle of the city during the week, it is so nice to escape on the weekends and explore the amazing forests and national parks on our doorstep and meet new friendly faces. I get so much energy from running on the trails in amongst the beautiful nature.


What does a typical week of training look like for you?


Rest day or strength and foam rolling session


Toohey Forrest speed session with the Trailiens running group


Easy 10km run


Intraining running group tempo run – 12-15km


Strength or boxing session


Park run – 5km with Activate PT crew


Long trail run – 15-30km


What other races are you looking to compete in this year and what are your goals?

I’m racing at the Coastal High 50 on 1st September.  I did this event last year, and despite going in injured with ITB issues, absolutely loved everything about the event.  You cannot beat running in the Gold Coast hinterland and beautiful subtropical rainforests! My goal this year is to go in injury free, enjoy the event and friendly atmosphere… and finish off strong.


What is your favourite part about being a personal trainer?

I have a genuine love for helping others improve their lives through fitness and finding what works best for their schedule and enjoyment levels. Being that we are located in Brisbane city, majority of our clients are corporates who are stressed, time poor and sit down for too long during the working week.  It is very rewarding providing some balance and structure to my client’s crazy schedules, and I especially love sharing my love of running with them and getting them involved and giving them the confidence to take part in running events such as the weekly Park Run 5km and other local events.


What advice do you have for runners wanting to adopt a plant based diet?

Going plant based is a lot easier than most people think!  As long as you replace your animal proteins with a plant based source, you are on the right track.  I highly recommend seeing an accredited sports dietitian to ensure that you are meeting your daily nutritional requirements to support your running program and activity levels. I also use a recipe app called “Forks Over Knives”, which has tonnes of delicious plant based recipes and has it’s own inbuilt shopping list, so I can plan for the week ahead.  Most of our meals make enough to have for lunch the next day too. From my own personal experience, making the switch to plant based living has made a huge difference to my energy levels and body composition.  Within a few days I felt lighter, more energised and my athletic performance improved.


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