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Are you interested in taking your running further to help others? We have some awesome courses set by Athletics Australia which we facilitate here in Queensland. 

Check out our upcoming Recreational Running Coach courses:


The courses you'd be looking at are: 

Level 1 Run Leader

This is our entry level course for those wanting to learn basic skills of running technique and how to confidently lead a group. Fun warm up games and running drills will be learnt also. 

Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach

This course trains coaches to develop the fundamental technical and strategic skills for runners training for 5km through to marathon events. It covers topics such as warm ups, session planning and designing training programs. The course also develops the coach’s skills in managing groups of varied skill levels from novice through to elite.

Pre-requisite for the course is the Athletics Australia Level 1 Community Coach course. RCC for Level 1 is available for qualified cert 3 or 4 personal trainers who are taking the Recreational Running Coach pathway. Those applying for RCC are required to do so at least two weeks prior to the course to allow for processing.

Level 2 Advance Recreational Running Coach 

Level 2 Advanced further develops the concepts introduced at the intermediate course as well as introducing the areas of advanced programming, diet and nutritional guidance, running technique and injury management.





The Surefoot July 16, 2019