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GaleForce Running Squad member in focus: Yvonne Shepherd

How long have you been a member of the GaleForce Running Squad?

I joined the squad in 2014. I found out about it when you ran some free events through the Lululemon store.

You operate a women’s fitness adventure company. Tell us a little bit about Women’s Fitness Adventures?

Yes I started Women's Fitness Adventures 6 years ago. Our purpose is to encourage women to become fitter and stronger for life through fitness, adventure and a social connection. We walk, hike, paddleboard, kayak and go on adventures close to home and around the world.

What is your favourite distance to compete over? What would be your favourite event each year?

That's a tough one - I like the half marathon and have done about 7 I think. The training is the best part because you learn so much about yourself on the long runs. I have a few favourite events - pretty much anything in Melbourne where you get to run into the MCG. I always try to imagine 100,000 people are cheering for me as I do the final lap!!

Growing up as a kid, what sports / activities did you take part in?

I gave most things a go but wasn't particulary good at anything. Often last to be picked for teams because I was small.  I played basketball until I was 12 - I was still the same height as everyone then. I did love bushwalking and camping.

You are a keen AFL supporter – which AFL team do you support?

Growing up in Melbourne we supported the local team where we lived - So it is the Saints /St Kilda all the way. They won their only premiership the year I was born!!

What have you learnt from being an athlete under the coaching of Chris

Heaps of bad dad jokes!!!  

Running with Chris and the squad gave me fitness confidence that in turn gave me confidence in all areas of my life.  I learnt to never say never, having run a marathon. I also learnt that life is about the journey and not the destination - that is why the long runs and training are so important.

Without this particular squad I wouldn't be running today - I have great friends, great running adventures and make many memories.