Author: El Fischer, Girls Run This Town | February 3, 2019

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Girls Run This Town is a group for women of all running and walking abilities, formed to allow women to connect with like-minded women and find partners to train with. Originally started in 2014, GRTT has continued to grow since this time and in 2017 we joined the Qrun Family. 

We have a schedule full of weekly runs, interval training sessions and we are now adding more trail running to our plan as well as a result of member feedback.  We run regular Couch 2 5km training groups to allow women who want to start running a way to train with others.  We also offer our members information seminars on how to improve their running and avoid injury, both key areas of interest for new and experienced runners alike.

Our group offers accountability, inspiration and a chance to have a lot of fun.  Our members range in age from 7 to over 70 and everyone chips in words of encouragement and advice to help each other out.

In 2019 we’ve kick started our year with a virtual run aimed to get people moving during the hot summer months and get working on smashing goals early.  We are looking forward to competing in local fun-runs throughout the year and there’s a large group looking forward to a weekend roadtrip to Warwick Pentathrun this year.  We are also looking forward to another successful Midnight Marathon campaign at the River Run 100 where we had over 30 members, many of them first time marathoners, complete the 42km event whilst most of Brisbane were sound asleep.

Celebrating five years of improving the health of women in the Moreton Bay Region in 2019 we are looking forward to more adventures and we always welcome new members.  No matter what your pace there is a place for you amongst the GRTT girls so check us out on Facebook or Instagram and feel free to drop us a message to learn more.