Author: Moreton Bay Road Runners | March 6, 2019

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Established in the mid 1980’s Moreton Bay Road Runners (MBRR) caters for runners and walkers of all abilities. From our traditional base on the Redcliffe peninsula we have one of the most scenic running environments with unending paths along the peninsula foreshore. The club is also the originator and proud owners of the Jetty 2 Jetty fun run which has grown into a significant event on the running calendar.

Last November’s AGM saw a wave of young enthusiastic runners with a wealth of running knowledge coming onto the committee. Our focus then shifted to providing more structured coaching for members and for greater participation in the local running community. Several of our best runners are currently doing their level 1 and 2 coaching courses through QA with more new coaches to come. We have appointed one of our three existing senior coaches as coaching coordinator to ensure members are part of a uniform plan as they prepare for any event from a 5k bolt to a 100k ultra. We now offer a choice of eight weekly sessions with five of these being structured coaching sessions. Three sessions are in surrounding areas off the Peninsula as we begin to spread our reach. We are also venturing into the local running community as we occasionally take over the pacing, or even the complete running of some of the local Parkruns. Whilst helping Parkrun out we can showcase our club and thus provide some of their regulars the opportunity to explore what lies beyond that mysterious 5k mark.

These changes are really starting to pay off for us and there is a buzz in the club now that is undeniable. Everyone is excited about the way things are moving and the new vibe has been like a magnet. Over the last month or so we have attracted more than a dozen of the zippiest local runners into the club as word spreads about what’s going down at MBRR. As we are discovering FOMO can be an irresistible force. We are taking nothing for granted and we realize that we must keep working with new ideas to maintain the momentum of our club’s renaissance. The key to thriving is to keep evolving in order to adapt to an ever changing running environment.

Anyone interested in trying us out is welcome to come to two free sessions with no obligation. Check out our Facebook page and website.

Patrick Long
MBRR Club President