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Benita Willis from Qrun had a chat with Gold Coast rising star, Katie Hayward. Check it out! 


BW: Greatest career accomplishment/s including PB’s:

KH: Gold at the 2019 World University Games in Napoli Italy for the 20km race walk (& team Gold with Jemima Montag and Phillipa Huse)

Gold at the 2019 Australian 20km race walk championships in Adelaide in which my time was the 3rdfastest ever Australian women over that distance and fastest on home soil

Compete against the World’s best at the 2019 World Athletic Championships

Gold at the 2017/2019 10km Australian Opens in the 10km race walk. (2019 broke the meet record) 

5that the 2018 World Junior athletic Championships in the women’s 10km race walk


20km race walk: 1:29:25 (Adelaide 2019)

10km race walk: 43:20:65 (Sydney 2019)

5km race walk: 21:39:03 (Brisbane 2016) (but have gone through a “new 5km PB” with in my 10km race in 2019 haha). 

3km race walk: 12:10:17 (Brisbane 2019)

1500m race walk: 5:48 (Brisbane 2016)


BW: Typical training week

At the moment I am focussing on a base training block in both my race walking and gym to maintain fitness and strength as there are no races at the moment. 

A typical training week generally involves two speed sessions on Monday afternoon and Friday morning. Both Tuesday and Thursday are a medium race walk and gym in the morning and an easy run in the afternoon. Wednesday is a medium – long race walk in the morning whereas, Sunday is my key long race walk. Saturday is usually my complete rest day, as there are no university commitments at all too (a complete chill day). 

BW: Approach to get through #ISO 

KH: To understand and accept that life at the moment for everyone is extremely tough and very different. Therefore, my approach to help me get through ISO in Australia is developing resilience and being creative with my training. Each week I focus on small goals and wins I set for myself (not just on training but on other areas in my life too). I speak to my coach and plan out my training for the upcoming months ahead. This is very helpful for me as I like to have a visual piece that I can look at and focus on. Each day I facetime my grandma due to not being able to see her due to COVID-19. I also ring and go out for a beach walk with a friend or family. I find the beach to be very relaxing and helps clear the mind for the day. I’m also keeping very busy competing all my university studies and working at the supermarket Coles too. This allows some sort of routine in my life which is important to maintain some resemblance of normal life. 

BW: S+C Exercises / Cross Training used at the moment?

KH:Some S+C Exercise I am doing during these times includes trap bar, hip thrust, squats, push ups, core (i.e. hamstring extension bridge/side bridge and crunches), single leg calf raises and front lunges.

Cross training: I’m extremely blessed and fortunate that my sport race walking allows me to still be able to train outside where I don’t need rely on equipment. However, I’m also incorporating longer runs, bike riding (and stationary bike at home) and daily swims in the ocean ?

BW: Favourite ‘On’ training shoe and why?

KH: The new Cloudflow! The curved heel ensures durability and as a result is extremely cushioning and comfortable throughout training. Also, the new lacing and taping supports my feet and allows for high-speed goals which is amazing ?


           LUR: Dream race you’d love to contest in the future?


KH: The “2020” Olympics Game next year for the Women’s 20km race walk.