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After a very speedy debut marathon at this year's Gold Coast Marathon in July, Tennille Ellis not only won the Qld Marathon Championships but earned a free trip to compete in Kobe Marathon in November. Huge thanks to Gold Coast Marathon and Queensland Athletics for this prize. Enjoy your race and time over there in Japan Tennille!

Benita Willis (current Aussie marathon record holder) and manager of Qrun (recreational running arm of QA) asked Tennille a few questions below. Thanks so much for your time and good luck!

Benita Willis: How excited were you to win this trip to Kobe Marathon (thanks to GCM & Queensland Athletics) after your Queensland Marathon Championship victory at GCM in July?

Tennille Ellis: I was so excited! Finishing my first marathon within the time that I was chasing, I was overwhelmed, so to realise after I crossed the line that I was the first QLD female, and I was going to Japan to represent QLD Athletics and GCM at Kobe, it was such an added bonus on the excitement!


BW: We know GCM was your first marathon. How did it feel and did it go to plan? Were you more nervous for it being your first marathon (then other races)? 

TE: I was both really excited and nervous. Being my first I wasn’t sure what to expect, I trusted that I had prepared as much as I could for it and just hoped that on the day it all came together. I’d set a goal to run my first marathon in 2017 but had to have time off due to an injury, so I couldn’t wait to get out there and run the GCM being my first marathon and being in my hometown. I didn’t feel as nervous as I was or have been in past races, because It was my first, I didn’t put to much pressure on myself, and the support I had around me leading in and on the day was unreal. 


BW: What was your favourite part of the whole GCM weekend?

TE: Arh, there were so many things that contributed it being such an unreal day. The excitement and the ambiance over the GCM weekend is always so amazing. 


BW: How has your training gone since GCM in your prep for Kobe Marathon? Can you give us a sample of a week’s worth or training or what was your favourite session?

TE: It has been consistent. I haven’t had to build so much as I did leading into GCM, it’s basically been about maintain my fitness and focusing on staying injury free. I have been able to race in a few races since then which I think helps with my training and race practice, and it’s always so much fun to be involved. I include a lot of cross training in my weeks to make sure that I am not loading my body too much. Now with the warmer weather I have just added deep-water running back into training, which I really enjoy mixing it up and getting into the open water to run is a session I look forward to. I don’t have a particular favourite session but I love the variety of my training and having such a great community of friends that I get to run with. A typical week training usually looks like: 

Monday - am: easy 12km / pm: Elliptical or Bike 

Tuesday - am: Tempo squad session. It varies anything like 2 x 4km or 4 x 1 miles or hills  / Pm: hot yoga 

Wednesday – am: Mid week long run 

Thursday - am: easy 8-15km / pm: Track squad session 

Friday – am: Deep water running

Saturday – Tempo squad session. Usually 5 x 1km’s or 3 x 1miles 

Sunday – Long run (Few weeks out of race I’ll do practise a lot of race pace)  


BW: Do you prefer to train in a group or solo and why?

TE: I think having a balance of both. I really enjoy running with a group and especially in tougher sessions but the occasional solo ones also add to the balance of my training. The group ones can push you harder and the solo ones can mentally make you tougher. 


BW: What are you most looking forward to at Kobe Marathon? Will you get a chance to look around?

TE: I am really excited to run my second marathon and being able to represent QLD Athletics and GCM in an international marathon will be really cool. My sister and my parents are coming over with me, so I will get the chance to explore parts of Japan with them, after Kobe marathon. 


BW: What are your goals for the race?

TE: Being my first international marathon, I’m not putting to much pressure on myself, but with the confidence knowing what I am capable of for the 42.2km, I am excited to experiment more with my pace. 


BW: Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of running GCM next year, especially first time marathon runners? 

TE: Your mind and body are so connected. Don’t let something take you down mentally before it even has the chance to physically. Support is a immense part, so surround yourself with people that support you, and or have the similar goals, the journey then to your goal marathon will become just part of the every day fun and race day is like the celebration party. 


BW: Thanks for your time and good luck in Kobe! 

TE: Thanks Benita, Its been so great to get the chance to not only represent QLD Athletes and GCM at the Kobe marathon but also to get the opportunity to chat and prepare for Kobe with you.