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The Wild Earth Coastal High Crunch (28km) is a new offer for Coastal High (50km); aimed at providing a stepping stone from short course racing into the ultra scene!

The Crunch packs a punch, it has most of the challenging elements of the established Coastal High 50; including an uphill start, the long descent to Numinbah, the iconic stairs to Apple Tree Park, the dive down to Little Nerang Creek and then the long ascent past Purlingbrook Falls to the race finish at Springbrook. But that’s not to say it isn’t spectacular; with a mix of terrain from the road start, the technical single track along the awe-inspiring Caves Circuit, the quad crunching descent through the gums to Numinbah Valley, the rainforest patches as you climb to Springbrook - it will be pretty; but also pretty tough!


Get your entries in now - event is Saturday Sep 4th.