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We are excited to welcome Runners Jam to Qrun!! See below, a few paragraphs about the group and where they meet. Feel free to visit out listing in the Qrun groups page to find out more!! 




At Runners Jam we believe running is a team sport.  We’re all about community.  Come along to a session and you’ll find yourself welcomed and supported.  Amongst us you’ll find beginner runners, experienced runners, speedy runners, not so speedy runners, trail runners, road runners, adventure racers, triathletes, runners of all ages and so much more!  

Runners Jam meets at Underwood Park in Rochedale South every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15am.  You’ll see us standing on the footpath in front of the rotunda on Underwood Rd (about 50m before the entry into Underwood Park). There is plenty of street parking available.

On Tuesdays we do interval sessions that can be adjusted if you’re new to the running journey or coming back from injury.  Sessions are planned by a qualified coach.  

On Thursdays we take to the trails in Daisy Hill Forest.  The distance covered can be anywhere from 6-12k.  You’ll always find someone of your pace to cover the trails with, even if you’re walking.  No one is left alone.  

Throughout the year the Runners Jam community holds several special events which you won’t want to miss out on. They are always great fun and bring the community together.  

All sessions are free.  Just bring yourself and a drink bottle and you’ll be ready to join in.

Finally, if you want to get to know some of our runners before coming, have a listen to the Runners Jam podcast.  You’ll find it on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podbean and Apple Podcasts.