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Article by Matt Hart - Sports Dietitian at Apple to Zucchini: Performance Nutrition (http://www.appletozucchini.com.au)

1.)   BEER (insert emoji) – right, now I have your attention, let's get to the crux of it!

2.)   Drinking beer doesn’t count as exercise – don’t use the excuse, that the one-handed leaver holding a cold beer is a form of exercise. Ensure you are continually scheduling and prioritising part of your day to get in your exercise / training (i.e. 5km park run, gym session, home workout, cycle, take the kids down to the park… and definitely go for a run on Christmas day).

3.)   Maintain consistent meal and sleep routines -  I know most of us enjoy a sleep in here and there but, this doesn’t mean you get a "get out of jail free" card. You can have your cake and eat it too - sleep in, and still go for a run. Don’t lose sight of your end goals and let your hard work and determination slip through your finger tips.

4.)   Start with a bigger brekky – start your day on the right foot. Although intermittent fasting might work for the guy sitting next to you, it’s not for all. If you are someone that does majority of their training in the morning, make breakfast a priority to fuel you through to brunch/lunch time and prevent those mid morning ‘hangry’ snack temptations. 

5.)   Prioritise salad and vegetables during 2 meals a day – It is easy to become complacent whilst on holidays. To prevent going back for seconds, and loading up on OTT indulgences, your first step should be filling up the majority of your plate with a DIY salad or roast vegetables. 

 Lastly, I can’t reiterate this enough... aim for consistency NOT perfection over the break!!