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For this review I wore the Denim Tech pair. I found them very sleek on my foot and wearable straight from the box on a long run. I received plenty of comments, mostly like “where did you get those shoes” during the test period.


They are very light-weight making the runners perfect for longer races, long runs, interval sessions or trips to the gym. Despite being so light, the shoes provide great support and as I tend to run with mild pronation, they gave me the support I needed to get through every type of run I did, with no pain or discomfort. Each foot strike with the ground felt padded and had a light spring to push off with each time, giving me energy from the ground up to get through runs, even on days when I was tired or had been traveling interstate or overseas.


I am head coach for the Brisbane Girls Grammar School run teams and during the many grass training sessions (with heavy dew or in the rain), it felt good with my Kinvara 9 runners. I love the nice mesh outer, which I found somewhat water resistant and very easy to clean once I got home.


I also love the versatility of the Saucony Kinvara 9. From hilly marathons to trail runs and everything inbetween, the Saucony Kinvara 9 are the right shoes. I did a trail run in Bunyaville last week and loved how snug they felt around my foot, allowing me to push off with each tight turn, then be light-weight for the uphill sections. The Kinvara 9 really is the perfect all-rounder shoe.