February 1, 2018

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One of our favourite members of the Australian Track and Field team competing in the marathon at the upcoming Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Jess Trengrove tells us about her business Rundies and a few other things. This is a must read and make sure you follow her on the GC in April!

BW: Why did you decide to start Rundies?

JT: In 2012 I purchased a few pairs of underwear that quickly became my all-time favourite running underwear. I searched everywhere for more like them to no avail. During this process I realised how much I valued comfortable undies – particularly on long runs when any little issues or areas of rubbing are accentuated. My partner Dylan and brother Jack agreed that there seemed to be a gap in an important part of the market. Our minds got ticking and we decided to take on the challenge of designing and selling underwear that best cater for the speciifc needs of sportspeople.

BW: We love the name, who came up with it?

JT:Dylan and I both claim it. I was living in Melbourne and he was in Adelaide when we started brainstorming ideas and both of us came up with Rundies!

BW: What makes Rundies better than undies you’ve worn before?

JT: I love the smooth feel of the fabric, the snug fit and absence of waistband irritation. Once you build up a bit of sweat the Rundies stay in place and you quickly forget that you’re even wearing underwear. Undies that you don’t feel are the best ones in my opinion – the less distractions the better. Rundies feature bamboo fabric lining in the gusset which is naturally soft and anti-microbial – a big plus for active people!

BW: We know you are in the Australian team for the marathon at Commonwealth Games on the GC and training very hard right now. How important is having balance in your life? What are some other things you like to do (outside of training/ work) for balance / relaxation in your life?

JT: Maintaining a healthy balance is vital for my performance and overall wellbeing. My favourites forms of relaxation are catching up with family and friends, enjoying good food, spending time outdoors i.e. at the beach / parks, reading inspirational books and painting or drawing. On the work front I enjoy a balance of working on Rundies, public speaking, ambassador roles for running events and part-time physiotherapy work at Physio Smart in Adelaide.

BW: Are there any parts of the business you find stressful? Most rewarding part of it?

JT: Our ultimate aim is to provide a really positive experience for all of our customers and promote a healthy way of life. The most stressful part is wanting to make the most of every opportunity to help us achieve this but not having the time to do everything. Prioritisation and team work is the key.

BW: For all the runners out there, what’s your top 3 tips for anyone doing a marathon this year?

JT: My top three tips are: 
1) Build up training gradually and to monitor progress by keeping a training diary (hand-written or electronic). 
2) Find what shoes / clothing / socks and undies / gels / drinks / mobility techniques / exercises / pre-run routines work best for you and stick with them. 
3) Write down your reasons for running a Marathon and refer back to these if motivation is ever waning. Training sessions and finding getting motivated to raise a sweat will be harder on some days than others. It is important to listen to your body but also to keep your goals at front of mind.

Thanks so much Jess! If you’d like to get some Rundies, head to their website (free shipping for all orders over $40).