Author: Benita Willis | February 7, 2018

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Welcome to Qrun, this website is for you to explore, socialize and obtain information for your running needs. Whether you are a beginner or established runner, we are the one stop website for you!

Why we love running

Meet likeminded people

Running attracts all sorts of awesome people who have that common interest and drive. Our “meet other runners” section in CONNECT will help you on your social running path full of fun and adventure.

Relieve stress

Ever had that bad day at work or felt like nothing could cure your headache? A run can do wonders for our mental health and rush of endorphins so grab your shoes and get out the door and test our theory for yourself.

Get fit

Running will help you get fit and enjoy the process too. Running in a group can be helpful to push you and make certain you are accountable to your sessions and goals. Check out of “find a group” section in CONNECT and you can look for a running group close to where you live.

Lose weight

If you start a running program gradually and consistent with it, you will lose weight given you are also keeping an eye on your nutrition. Our “nutrition” page in PREPARE will provide you with healthy recipes to keep on track and each week on Wednesday we’ll put in some more information and advice.

Time efficient

No need to find a gym or fiddle with your bike, you can just get out the door and run. If you want to get the most out of your 45min, check out our “training advice” section in PREPARE for different types of sessions to do for the most bang for your buck.

Don’t need much “stuff”

Just put on some comfortable running clothes, grab you shoes and go. Simple!

Explore a new place

If you occasionally travel for work or what to explore somewhere on the weekend, running is the best way to do this. From early morning runs in big cities when the streets are quiet to the weekend trail run, there’s nothing better to explore and get in shape at the same time. If you’ve run somewhere cool and grab a pic of it, email us or use the hashtag #qrun on social media and we’ll check it out!

Try a new gadget

It’s fun to check out where you’ve run or try out some new running clothes or shoes. Check out or “equipment” section in PREPARE.

Be competitive

If you like to race and enjoy the challenge of different running events, check out our “events” section in DO IT. There will surely be a race there for you whether you like the trails, track, road, ultra distance or anything in between!


Had a cool running experience lately? Send us an email and we might feature you in our “your stories” section in DISCOVER.

Got a question for us?

Check out our “ask the expert” section in DISCOVER. We answer your top three questions each week and update our answers each Tuesday. Send all questions to us here.

By Benita Willis