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Registrations for Fly into July 2020 are now open. The challenge runs from the 1st of July for the entirety of the month. You can begin to plan your teams and stay active this July.

This is a wonderful challenge that we at Qrun LOVE as it will keep you active, maintain (or re connect with) social connections as well as supporting a charity of your choice :) 

Fly into July is a month-long stepping challenge, we aim to get people moving, connect with others, and stay healthy no matter your base fitness level. This challenge is for everyone!

You can participate on your own terms, wherever, whenever and with whoever you want. Whether it is setting some simple goals to be more active, focusing on rehabilitation through movement, or looking to take out the title of the biggest stepper of the entire challenge. Simply register, choose a charity for your donation to support, log your daily steps, and have some fun participating.

Registration is $31, that’s just a dollar a day, and the best part is $16 of that goes to a supported cause of your choosing. By registering for Fly into July, you can choose which of our supported charities your donation will go towards. 

Find out more about us at www.flyintojuly.org.au