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Runner, yoga teacher (RYT200), Primary Teacher and Dietitian – Kat brings a warm, friendly and inclusive energy into everything she does. Noticing a huge improvement in her own running after her intensive teacher training period, Kat has been excitedly exploring how and why yoga benefits athletes. Her yoga classes are tailor-made for all ability levels to ensure you get a seriously unique experience. She will guide you into stretches that target areas of the body commonly used by runners, as well as introduce you to mindful breathing techniques to help you better access your oxygen. All sealed with some relaxing savasana meditation and her contagious smile! 


Why Yoga for Runners? 

  • Prevents common injuries linked to the repetitive nature of running 
  • Increases mobility and range of motion by lengthening muscles, realigning joints and stabilising the body 
  • Improves running posture and whole-body awareness 
  • Addresses muscle imbalances  
  • Promotes recovery and regeneration 
  • Enables deeper, more efficient breathing techniques 
  • Supports a clearer and more positive mindset 
  • Great cross-training and cardio-vascular workout – endorphins guaranteed! 


How can you practice too?

Online - Tuesday evening (6-7pm AEST) and Sunday (morning/evening, week dependent - check Social Media for regular updates)

On-location - Thursday evening (6:30-7:30pm AEST), Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast


Check out the website (www.createdconnections.com.au), or contact Kat for more information. Note that a monthly membership to Created Connections gives you access to live and on-demand online yoga sessions, as well as a donation to the Sierra Leone Marathon Project - supporting orphaned children in Sierra Leone to access running equipment and events.