Author: Benita Willis |

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Do you own a running watch? This world has exploded in the past 10-15 years with all sorts of cool and funky watch designs and functions. Most sync with your phone so you can download your run, follow other runners in their training/ racing journeys and check out the running conditions/ course/ paces post run. Each watch does something different and the price varies from under $100 to $350 plus. Chat to other runners before making your purchase and think about what kind of running you do and what you like before making your purchase or upgrade.

I have posted a screen shot off my Garmin connect account on my phone from my run this morning in Brisbane. I love the map part that you can enlarge to see where you’ve run! And when I’m running hard, enjoy checking out my pace per km (comes listed in a table if you click on the track function across the top). It also displays average HR, max HR, workout zone bar graph, calories burnt, weather conditions, elevation gain and many more.